Hello! I am Korina Skordalidi, a certified bridge teacher from the Hellenic Bridge Federation (HBF):

Sports Code: 03323 | Title: National Master
Athens Bridge Club (ABC) Since 1999 | The Beginning of the Journey
I fell in love with bridge passionately, and as I often say, bridge is like love… it captivates you at first and then elevates you!

This was followed by a lot of studying, many hours playing at the tournament tables, discussions and analyses of deals with my teammates, opponents, and teachers, and achievements in numerous tournaments, championships, interclub matches, and bridge festivals.

I then began to enrich my knowledge by participating in bridge seminars, both in Greece and abroad, and all of this opened up a new path for me.

In 2013, I decided to focus on teaching. I started taking students as a probationary teacher under my first mentor, Mr. Stavros Bobolakis. In September 2016, I successfully passed the necessary exams organized by HBF (Hellenic Bridge Federation) and received the official certification as a bridge teacher.

My goal was and still is, with the same enthusiasm, to transfer to my students as effectively as I can my love and experience in bridge and to help spread this fascinating game in any way I can. Bridge is undoubtedly a game that forever changes our daily lives, in the most pleasant, entertaining, and intellectual way.

Discover the secrets of bridge with me and get ready for an unforgettable experience of play and learning. Let’s create together a community that loves and respects this exceptional game.

I look forward to meeting you at the bridge table and sharing with you my love and passion for this unique game.

🚩 Stay tuned for my seminars and offers to start your journey into the world of bridge or to enhance your skills even further.